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We call to players from all over the globe!
An echo of the call that started our shell on Ragnarok, we’ve players from every continent, with a majority of players from outside South-East Asia.
Gondwana, started by an Australian couple has grown with a Ragnarok EU/NA base and now a family of players live on Masamune.

Gondwana was a super-continent of Earth in the past.
Our free company is more than a name, it is our strength, the strength of many cultures, friendly & fierce folk.

We use only English to communicate, but some sprinkle in a spreken ze or parlez-vous, sometimes even warau.

We call to players inside & outside SEA playing on Masamune, consider Gondwana.
You’ll find support in many time-zones and regions & we try to make membership a simple proposition, be friendly & play fierce.

Family fun in Final Fantasy.
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by Eden Talan on Jul 02, 2012 at 07:53 PM
GONDWANA has a wonderful community rich in diversity and full of fun & ferocity.

To maintain what we have grown to love, we ask for the following:

- Use the website, create & participate in events
- Help others when available
- Treat others with respect
- Be willing to learn & have a commitment to improve
- Represent our Free Company with pride
- Set an example to other members and maintain the community spirit!
- If you have an idea, feedback or an issue - speak up!

In the spirit of fair play, we do not condone nor will retain any member who engages in activity that breaches the Final Fantasy XIV User Agreement

Our diversity leads to differences in players in many aspects of life. Please be open-minded to this, hold a light-hearted attitude and don't take anything too seriously!

GONDWANA will welcome you with open arms. Follow in our footsteps and build an Eorzean future with us!